福哇啦是什么? What's Foowala?

福哇啦是中国第一个中小型餐饮企业酒水生态系统。全面围绕线上酒水供应平台、POS收银系统以及企业管理者控制三方面功能,以完善业务质量为核心,帮助企业快速建立生意过程中酒水供给、经营效率和控制管理之间的平衡。 在库存采购、订单处理、送货上门、物流跟踪、数据分析、店铺管理等环节的全能经营助手。店铺数据实时采集更新,让生意更轻松有效! Foowala is the first alcohol distribution eco-system for small businesses in China. With three fully-featured products consisting of an online alcohol distribution platform, POS system and a mobile app for owners to track their business on-to-go in real-time, we take your business very seriously. We help monitor your alcohol sales and inventory, increase operational efficiency, and increase overall business performance. We are the perfect operational assistant taking your business to the next level!

管订单 Peace of Mind

全程人工客服在线,追踪管理酒水订单,避免错单、漏单等现象,提高物流效率及准确性。 Your Foowala Genie helps track your purchases and assists you with any problems along the way, reducing your workload and increasing your efficiency.

管库存 Inventory Management

库存数量清晰明了,使用记录一目了然,酒水库存空缺预警让生意经营更放心。 Our POS system intelligently tracks your alcohol sales, alerting you in advance of potential alcohol shortage so you don't get caught with an empty bar.

管销售 Sales Control

实时店铺掌握经营动态,下单及进账提醒为管理者提供更加灵活简单的监管方式,随时随地了解生意运营状况。 Real-time business updates, notifications of orders and payments provide owners with a more flexible and easier way for supervision, overseeing operations at anytime from anywhere.

管活动 Event Management

承包各类公司聚会和活动,提供包括酒水订购、酒单设计、调酒师和服务生分配及现场调控等专业服务。 We also offer professional services including alcohol procurement, menu design, free bartenders and waiters for all your company parties and events.

福哇啦酒水平台 Foowala Alcohol Platform

百余种酒水随心挑选,送货上门省心省力 WeChat Alcohol Platform. With hundreds of brands to choose from, save 10-30% off your alcohol bill at the click of a button

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精明收银系统 Smart Genie POS

点单查账功能配套齐全,库存管理省时放心 Foowala Genie POS System. Take your business to the next level with our free mobile, cloud-powered POS system. Just bring your own iPad or Android tablet and off you go.

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